What kind of mobile games do we want to make?

“The entertainment industry has exploded in our hands, we are startled by every touch and a sea of outstretched hands drills into our eyes. Gray and hardness dominate the landscape. A small wedge of light filters through a thin strip of dark asphalt. The light blue glow from the doorway …”

Hopefully this is not the timeline for the near future. You too can influence what the future will look like.

In the future, games will be much more than just entertainment. We want to develop games that encourage caring for nature and each other in an entertaining and fun way. There is always an educational side to our games as well, which adds knowledge and makes you think. Proceeds from our games are channeled to charity, so playing can also help.

Game ideas & prototypes

What do our games and ideas consist of?

We develop new mobile game concepts as well as game prototypes and implement games for a sustainable future. The premise is that the games are free of charge and the revenue from them is only used to promote sustainable development. Our games are not only entertaining, but also educational and address themes in line with our values, such as biodiversity, energy efficiency, the circular economy and well-being – without forgetting humor.

Listed below are a few example game types that would be well-suited to the content of our games.

Entertainment value

Endless Runner

The main principle of the game is very simple: you automatically move forward and collect or dodge anything that comes up against you.

In our games, this can mean, for example, that you collect and identify as many berries and mushrooms as you progress (#natural exercise) or move along the lines with electrical energy and try your best to optimize and save power consumption (#energy efficiency).
Entertainment value

Hidden Object

In the game, the player has to find the hidden objects / things in the picture or look for the differences in the pictures.

This Game Type is ideal for e.g. to identify natural sites or as a speed game for garbage collection.
Entertainment value


The idea of the game is simply to collect as many “points” as possible. The score can be almost anything from gingerbread to plastic trash. The player can influence the course of the game himself by clicking / tapping the box and acquiring various aids with the points he has collected.

Save the Waters game prototype below is a great example of using this type of game to increase environmental awareness.

Save the Waters -game prototype

The theme of the game is resource efficiency and the goal is to collect plastic waste out of water. The logic of the game is based on clicker type mechanics. The game is also intended to develop a donation shop. In this case, at least half of the player’s purchases (various tools and auxiliary collectors) go directly to the right nature conservation work. Items the player can choose from 3-5 different options, including e.g. forests, bogs and lakes.

Save the Waters

Mobile game prototype

Nature, Resource



Choose your team

Who do you belong to?

The work of Eco Fellows focuses on the challenges of sustainable development in many different areas. We create places where nature can be enjoyed in a safe and biodiversity-friendly way, We encourage movement and we want to increase people’s well-being. We develop solutions for energy and resource efficiency and believe that there is a future in the circular economy.

So check out our mascots that will help and guide you in our games:

Halla Elk Tribe

I'm Halla Elk Tribe and i guide you to the slpendor of nature. I also instruct you to make the right choices to conserve biodiversity.

Pirta Laplander

You can call me Pirta Lapinka. Energy and saving are my field. I am quite effective agreements authorship.

Maurel Saw Tooth

Haudi hoy, I'm Maurel Saw Tooth, Mauri amongnst friends. Refuse collection is my forte and, of course, I have always been effective, despite my age.

Salmo Sea Breeze

Helou to all, I'm Salmo Sea Breeze and i travel fast on land, as well as sea and in the air. I wish everyone well and wind, good luck behind my shoulder.

Ofitius Chippers

Kröhmmm... Ofitius I am called and nibbling. Let me remind you that goods are not just goods, they have their own life and cycle.


Where and how to find us?


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